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TRADE VERTEX GROUP is an International Trade Boutique focussed on the sourcing and provisioning of premium products and commodity offerings to the international market place. TRADE VERTEX GROUP has established partnerships and trusted trading relationships with profile international Commodity Trading Houses and Investment Banks, Fortune 500 commodity suppliers and Refineries, as well as a broad spectrum of confirmed and vetted end-buyers, with many of whom we have direct Buyer's Mandate Appointments.


TRADE VERTEX GROUP’s leaders share the values and operational excellence resolve that there must be trust, respect and honour as a foundation and clear guiding principle in all that we do in any transaction or business opportunity that we choose to actively pursue and conclude with professionalism and certainty.

TRADE VERTEX GROUP possesses fully integrated, professional capabilities strategically situated in key global markets through which we have an accomplished capability to source and provide a diverse catalogue of premium products and commodities. We have office in Toronto, Canada (serving the North, Central and South American market places) and direct representation in Seoul, Korea (serving the China, Korea, Japan and the broader South East Asian market places), Poland (serving the European market place) as well as in Manila, Philippines (serving the Philippines and broader Indonesia).